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Dr. David W. Regiani Dr. David W. Regiani
on Treating Sleep Disordered Breathing with Holistic Dentistry

David W. Regiani, BS, DDS, has been involved in learning about and treating sleep disordered breathing and bite disturbances since 1993. His first classes were in February of that year, through the American Equilibration Society, and he is still ...

Linda Carroll Linda Carroll
on Skills That Make Love Last

Psychotherapist Linda Carroll was drawn into the dynamics of couples’ counseling three decades ago when she saw how in her own marriage, petty disagreements could turn into full-blown arguments with...

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Surgeon Mary Neal on: Surgeon Mary Neal on:
Lessons From Heaven

In 1999, while kayaking on the Fuy River in Chile, orthopedic surgeon Mary Neal became trapped beneath a waterfall and drowned. She was underwater for 30 minutes before the current pulled her out. During that time, Neal experienced...

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Jenny Odell  Jenny Odell
on the Importance of Doing Nothing

Jenny Odell, a visual artist and writer based in Oakland, California, is known for her creative use of second-hand imagery from Google Maps, YouTube, Craigslist and other online sources. Her work has been...

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Alice Robb on: Alice Robb on:
The Transformative Power of Dreams

We know that sleep is good for mental and physical health, but whether dreams can play a role is a fascinating topic. When we journey into that state, science journalist Alice Robb feels we can...

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Sanjay Gupta Sanjay Gupta
On "Chasing Life"

During nearly two decades with CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta has covered wars, natural disasters and the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Along the way, the Western-trained, practicing neurosurgeon has...

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Ocean Robbins on  Ocean Robbins on
Personal and Planetary Health

Food revolutionary Ocean Robbins has dedicated his life to inspiring others to rethink their food choices to transform both personal and planetary health. It’s a path forged in part by...

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Ken Page on  Ken Page on
Making Love Last

KA relationship, intimacy and dating expert, Ken Page has led hundreds of workshops on intimacy and spirituality and taught at Columbia University, the Omega Institute and the Garrison Institute. Page also hosts...

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Light as Our Essential Nature Jacob Liberman
on Light as Our Essential Nature

As a boy growing up in Havana, Cuba, Jacob Liberman struggled with reading—that’s one reason this Maui resident finds it miraculous that he was called to write books. An optometrist, Liberman initially specialized in...

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Kristi Nelson Kristi Nelson
on Why Gratefulness Brings Happiness

Kristi Nelson has dedicated her career to leading, funding and strengthening organizations committed to progressive social and spiritual change. Today, at the helm of the Network for Grateful Living, she is...

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