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Walk-In Breast Cancer Monitoring Among Tests Now Available at
Rochester Hills Business

Any Lab Test Now, Rochester Hills, MI -

Any Lab Test Now offers a test panel to help monitor breast cancer treatment and provides the physician’s order for these tests and an additional 8,000 toxicology, clinical and specialty tests. Shawnee Kunnath, RN, and husband David Kunnath own the business, which was established in December 2019 and has remained open during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Any Lab Test Now–Rochester Hills helps to empower every person to take control of their health and well-being with affordable lab tests and transparent pricing,” Shawnee Kunnath says. “Both the CA 15‐3 and CA 27.29 are proteins that are normally produced by breast cells. In persons with breast cancer, the levels can increase. The protein amounts can rise with breast cancer tumor growth and fall with treatment. The CEA test measures the amount of this protein in your blood. These tests can also help your physician offer a more accurate prognosis or prediction of your health.”

The breast cancer monitoring panel costs $499, payable by cash, credit, health savings account or flexible spending account. Any Lab Test Now also provides access to pre-employment drug testing, paternity tests, food allergy and food sensitivity testing, mold testing, sexually transmitted disease tests, thyroid panel and heavy metal and vitamin level tests.

Any Lab Test Now is located at 2070 W. Auburn Rd., Rochester Hills. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Shawnee Kunnath at 248-963-1616 or visit their website:

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