The Value of Silence

Allow your thoughts and plans to form without distraction

The Value of  Silence, Image:

ADo you feel the rush of the day as soon as you roll out of bed? Does it feel like you start out behind and never catch up on that elusive to do list? Do you feel that life’s demands are ruling your time instead of what you really want to do?

How can you experience a day guided by purpose, passion and clarity? Silence...the type of silence that allows you to think, dream and plan rather than constantly processing what others want you to consider or do. Silence allows your thoughts and plans to form without distraction, and allows you to be fully present and available. Whether we realize it or not the constant barrage of noise, advertising and other options can cause “decision fatigue” creating a sense of overwhelm.

The first time you sit in a quiet space alone, you may be tempted to turn on music or the TV. Rather, wait, then pull out a journal and start writing the ideas you have that need plans to become a reality, or read a good book. Soon an activity that at first seemed like a discipline could become a productive and meaningful habit. You may find that silence allows productivity and creativity that multitasking could never achieve.

Here's hoping in this new year you make silent, reflective moments a priority for the effect they have on your mind, body and sense of satisfaction with life.

Submitted by Naomi Martoia, R.N., Waller Wellness Center , Auburn Hills, MI. For more information call 248-814-1414 or visit


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