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Tips for Healthy Looking Skin, Hair and Nails

Anti-Inflammation Diet and Supplments Can Help

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Each person is unique when it comes to diet. Foods that create problems (food sensitivities) for some can be good for others. For example, grains such as wheat and corn can trigger inflammation in the body and one of the ways the body detoxifies is through the skin.

A low/anti-inflammation diet may help. Healthy oils such as olive oil, antioxidant-containing foods such as green tea, fatty fish and dark chocolate are all great to reduce inflammation and increase antioxidants.

Signs of food sensitivities include dark circles under the eyes, skin rashes and breakouts/acne. If you experience any of these try an elimination diet, starting with grains, to see if your skin changes.

Have you heard the term "eating clean?" This means fresh fruits and vegetables–organic when possible. Non-organic foods are often grown using pesticides and herbicides that the body has to deal with, which can also affect your skin.

For some, dairy products can have an adverse effect on skin. Acne, for example, is sometimes a sign of a sensitivity to dairy.

Healthy hair and nails result from adequate protein in the diet, a healthy thyroid and low sugar. Female balding is one example of inadequate protein and/or thyroid issues. One supplement product that may help boost your body's protein by providing additional collagen from beef is called Vital Proteins. It is a bioavailable form of collagen protein, and good for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Watch for packaged foods with too much salt. It can leave you dried out and looking older. Fresh foods usually have all the natural sodium we need.

Drink fresh clean water! One way to keep your skin looking great is to drink lots of pure water. A charcoal water filter for your faucet or home water supply will help to reduce toxins. Also, drink from glass whenever possible.

Finally, a few supplements for younger looking skin are Resveratrol, vitamin C, fish oil and protein/collagen (as mentioned above). These products increase collagen and skin elasticity. DHEA and adrenal hormone, estrogen and progesterone (if you can tolerate them) are also important for looking and feeling healthy.

Contributed by Lee Rossano, Certified Nutritional Counselor, of Advanced Nutritional Solutions, Lake Orion, MI. Call 248-652-4160 or visit


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